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"Anti-terrorist forces" make examples of game scene

Ever since digital graphics since the game became a high-flying industry. From two-dimensional to three-dimensional game game, from single games to online games, until recently the U.S. military raised the holographic imaging for a variety of training games have become increasingly integrated with our lives. Starting from this issue, I will talk about the new version of the 3DSMAX6 examples in this regard to the development of the game which brought.

Game indoor or outdoor scenes usually pose. Outdoor scenes production embodied in the topography, surface and trees. Figure is the "anti-terrorist forces," the game a scene graph (to a small island in the Caribbean as a reference). Here, the author described in detail for the reader how to use 3DSMAX6 to complete the production of this scene.

Production of pre-set before

1. Starting from 3DSMAX4, Discreet companies began to adopt the specific functions that made use of software plug-ins supplied with the upgrade strategy. The plug-ins with the 3DSMAX6 presented the most and game development. This example will use two plug-ins: Speed Tree (used to generate plant trees), Speed Forest (used to generate the woods); two native functions: Grass (used to generate the surface of the moss and grass), Ground crew ( used to generate various types of landscape).

2. Ready to Speed Tree, Speed Forest plugin, copy it to the 3DSMAX \ Plug in directory.

3. Select Customize 顥?custom 顥?\ Configure path 顥?path 顥?\ Plug in (plugin). Use add, add Plug in directory.

4. Restart 3DSMAX6. Speed Tree plug-in you will find the drop-down list appears in the Geometry of them; Speed Forest Utilities plug-in drop-down lists.

Production base scenario: earth

Tip: "anti-terrorism unit" is a game by the famous American producers BLUE STUDIO hardware development company is testing a new generation of experimental 3D fighting game, the game abandoned the traditional "map" production process, using 3DSMAX6 provided in advance Making sense of technology, production scene, and the role of the player seeks to provide a completely realistic gaming scenes.

1. According to a senior game designer's experience, when the production line designers from the scene size books and movies have come to the impression of a battlefield area, the creation becomes easy. Therefore, the start of production is used to change the view size to change the software in the abstract units of the familiar m units.

2. Access to create the command panel Patch Grids option in the Top view to create a QuadPatch type object, named "Ground (earth)" to set specific parameters are as follows: Length (length) = 2400, Width (W) = 3000, Length Segment = 1, Width Segment = 1.

3. Click the Modifier (modified) added Edit Patch Modifier (Editor Patch object), cancellation of Sub-Object button. Set as follows: Step (subsection number) = 100.

Note: This value is based on the need to determine the size of the terrain. If the terrain, the larger value; if flat terrain, you can take a smaller value.

4. In the Modifier Stack to add Edit Mesh Modifier (Edit Mesh object), cancellation of Sub-Object button. This rectangular objects into polygon geometry.

5. Ground object selected in the Modifier to add Displace Modifier. In the Displace Parameters of the Image (Image) column click Bitmap (bitmap), the File Options box, select the right: Set: Strength (strength) = 20.

Note: This Bitmap is usually produced in the group game art according to the requirements of plot, drawing in Photoshop in order to guarantee that it will accurately reflect the details of the terrain, the size of this gray-scale graphics are usually large, in the scene in the graphic map size 2400 脳 3000.

6. The file "Save As" twice, the first document, entitled: Forest-Ground (the file used to create trees and forests); the second document, entitled: Grass-Ground (the file used to create the grass and roads).

7. Close the file. Open Forest-Ground file, the scene of the Ground object to Forest-Land.


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"Aion" cured stars point to the experience of nurse

MM heal old has recently said to me did not want to play secret elite, as always death experience every day would take more than ten million restoration. Every time I hear these are very surprised, from my 36 elite area brush their teeth begin to die on the very small (in addition to being dragged outside the odd kill). So to write about their experiences, hoping to help.

There are many articles on the leveling line that, I do not say, and can only say that in fact does not cure leveling slow growth of my equipment is not magic. Dan Lian, I took the staff to, can feel the speed in fact, is already very good compared to a guard, I and my friends (he chose the guardian of) all the way leveling up, and when I did not train with him when watching his 鎵撴? that I have crazy speed, and he was great interest in the slowly cut, said efficiency is equipped very well, and I really admire the patience. When cured leveling blame at the election more effort is needed, as fewer blood offensive play high, blame the brush at the same level more efficient. Then talk about double something and cure more than merely increase the blood only, in order to force more efficient. Corrections on the satellite can cure and divine breath, occasionally broken up the previous crimes, to blame the attack speed reduction, without your extra action, but with discipline and divine breath has continued after the strange Diaoxie to make small groups more strange brush efficiency, the ascetic and spiritual force to restore back and forth to use the two skills, you can let your MP will not be interrupted, to ensure efficiency.

And then to equipment choice, I choose equipment is chain A, all slots with the stone of life. Although equip Leather, but still not recommended to wear, because Leather does not increase concentration, focus is very useful to prevent the magic break. As for the cloth, then proposed a brush when the elite do not wear, because the defense is too low, then later to brush out a great time to use BOSS as the MP, after all, a little chain. Play big BOSS MT brush to give blood all the time, wearing a cloth cap MP is much higher, but the basic are the BOSS you can hit the remote magic, Cloth of Mofang high so a distinct role in cloth. I changed the level of equipment are the 28 33-35 class 40. Are the preferred choice of equipment with life, when the level to 32 when the brush to brush Vulcan could spark 35 copies of the green containers, gloves and boots are the same magic with the increase of life and property, very well, so you brush 35 When should cobble together a set of spark, you can dispense with a lot of money to install a whole spectrum of good attributes of blue.

I am currently 40 installed a set of 33 blue and blue jewelry (and all with a life-property) after the HP BUFF with more than 6,000. To brush with a shield and mace when the elite (both life jack 75), strong viability. When the level to 39 should also make the task of running shoes, this time freely interspersed in the elite, it feels very good, I now all come and go freely into the elite zone. Very often, when the door is red in front of me, his teammates followed. Destroy the basic mission of a team are all of a sudden something and caused riots in the four elite teams below basic can easily cope with. Generally when there are usually four against with one guard, sleeping off a mage. This time I will keep winding one. And then to an attack on the relatively high flash, usually head to the remote and inspection, inspection team leader is the kind of looked like a monkey, the explosion hit a very high priority to kill. Flash attack within 20 seconds all MISS very useful. If the team enough DPS in 20 seconds if enough pressure to kill a makes you reduced or dropped if the blood was faster, it depends on DP skills, of course, this also is inseparable with the team, we The do's are done, the rest of his teammates had to watch.

The following briefly tell cured PK, I used to love 40 big group to group PK, because the cure of a large group fighting in the blood can only do simple calculations very quickly, the other is far less because of OBS, OBS are all I play by himself to the top. First of all, the DP 鎵撴? full, and then go. Some rules to follow, the first killed the Master, the second team to do a healing touch. In the encounter of two people to play when you first go to the Master or archers to fight, and the other is the physical occupation if he would add a flash for 20 seconds a person enough to kill you. Always pay attention to their blood when the blood, less than half the time to add more flash recovery. If 1V1, then there would not be if you do not make mistakes basic job can kill me. I have a map of the face of the Master went to Mozu 8 kill each other when we run strange heap, relying on the strength of the other Quanmie strange, it is quite poor cattle. Of course, we rank higher than the other three around. But also very good record, so that cure to play better. In fact, very powerful.

These are some small personal Shaguai leveling experience, AION settings on the cure I think it was quite satisfactory


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Community 2.0 My Community I call the shots

As Internet users require more and more easy to network interaction, communication, WEB2.0, turned out and quickly became the Internet era, force for change. UC recently by the mobile Internet business companies and co-sponsored by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and Community 2.0 concept, it will certainly lead to a social welfare concept, model, participants upheaval.

So, what is the public 2.0? Simply put, public service 2.0, is through the mobile Internet and other modern technology, public service activities become transparent, credible, broad participation can be interactive, sustainable.

Technology for easy public

2.0 years in the public interest, each of us, can have their own welfare funds. According to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Li Li introduced the Secretary-General, as long as the donors through the mobile Internet, banking, PC access, to donate 5 dollars per month, will fund the establishment of personal love. Create a Charitable Fund Specific steps include:

1 month donated five yuan to establish personal charity fund.

2, fill out the "fund created to the registration table."

3, growth of personal charity fund, or other means to mobilize around friends and family for their love of the Fund.

4, carrying out various interactive activities and beneficiaries.

5 Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Fund to create one for each service.

In other words, public funds for personal appearance and mobile Internet technology support, public welfare is no longer just a stage for large enterprises, it is no longer "money - honor" exchange of equal value, growth companies, entrepreneurs, and even ordinary people can also become the main public good.

Technology to public clearly and simply

2.0 in the public interest, we not only know what our donations to help people, how to help, and even chat with the person being helped and interactive. Mobile Internet is open, so even if the public welfare from the donor completed the "lack of participation" of the times, change to "donate End is just beginning" of the era. UC browser such as through the Internet, provided by the Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in China, online communication platform, public welfare beneficiaries and donors can be widely used mobile video, mobile search, Web interaction and other advanced mobile Internet technology, to interact anytime, anywhere.

Technology to public anywhere

2.0 in the public interest, we not only by units, banks, post offices and other traditional donation channels, but also through UCWEB browser platform for mobile Internet donations, online donations directly to mobile phones.

Specific donation process is as follows:

1. Sign UC browser's "60th birthday, you and I celebrate the" activities, choose the activity page of "direct use Alipay contributions"

2. Directly into the Poverty Relief Fund set up on Taobao online shop, you can choose from 1 yuan to 100 yuan donation amounts ranging from

3. Select the amount entered purchase page, select the "Buy Now", enter the verification code and password into the transaction page

4. Taobao transactions enter the page the user name and password, and captured the value of one yuan of "love" (PS: Taobao security system is really a little bit.... Complicated)

5. Taobao will be the last time prompts you sure you want to donate, select the confirmation browsers automatically jump paypal.

Finally enter the verification code Alipay and password, click on the confirm purchase, donations can be successful.

In other words, as long as the support of communication networks, as long as the support of mobile terminal equipment, as long as phones online donation UC platform browser support, public will be able to get anywhere.

In short, 2.0 times in the public interest, public service, not an occasional thing, not what someone else is no longer a special thing, but each within its capacity, and can control things by themselves. Everyone can be public, at any time can be public, then clearly that public service is no longer a slogan but a reality. Since then, my public service, which I call the shots.

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Motorola recall: a beautiful mistake

The day before yesterday, has been reported that Motorola to "recall" a name "Ming" A1200 mobile phone, has aroused extensive attention. Motorola immediately concerned, but denied media misrepresent the "recall" message, and issued a statement, Motorola did not recall "that" the plan, but suggested that "if consumers use" that "the process of discovery of any problem, go to Motorola service center for support. "

So this is just a misunderstanding, the media and consumers to a Motorola handset, "three guarantees" provided reiterated mistaken for a "recall." According to Motorola's argument is that all of Motorola "Ming" A1200 of the licensed mobile phones, holding regular sales invoice, the user may apply to any after-sales service network for a free replacement and installation, after-sales service network does not charge any fees to the user. In any case, although not "recall", Motorola mobile phones this is also the national "three guarantees" the strict and effective compliance, is a responsible attitude toward consumers. This digital product manufacturers and some large areas of quality problems encountered with the attitude of consumers hard in the end in sharp contrast.

China mobile phone "recall" system lacking, causing consumer to see the many foreign phone quality problems caused because of the "recall" the incident, but can not enjoy at home. Consumers and media to mobile phone makers called "recall", but not actually together. Any foreign mobile phone manufacturers in particular giant is not possible to open the first of its kind, after all, no national mandatory "recall" system provides the quality of mobile phone manufacturers bear the responsibility for much less, do not go looking for things to do nothing . Under the provisions of the existing national three guarantees, Motorola refused to "recall" is also permitted by law.

Moreover, the "Ming" A1200 Mobile Phone, Motorola also can not arbitrarily on the "recall." "Ming" A1200 mobile phone problems is the "side buttons appear Paint Falling off phenomenon." For the "side buttons Paint Falling off" the phone non-functional issues, the first three packs of the State and there is no clear provision in the "mobile phone repair replacement return the liability of goods" is provided in the functional failure of the non-functional failure "silent." The only material related to the phone "because of structural or material factors of the shell-damaged" is also a failure in functionality in. Secondly, the "side buttons Paint Falling off" the phenomenon is indeed such as Motorola said the person, it is difficult to define in the end what causes, such as mixing up the phone and keys, etc.. The division of responsibility, consumers are difficult to prove "side buttons Paint Falling off" phenomenon in the Motorola party liability. From the law, reason, Motorola is refusing to fully "side buttons Paint Falling off" to provide Warranty Services, not to talk about the "recall" the.

Therefore, Motorola does not "recall", but to provide consumers a free repair service package, is already a great extent to be considered for the interests of consumers. Motorola's attitude should be encouraged, we can not add blame, but in this case, our country on the phone less than three packs of provisions, not only in the "recall" system lacks, there is non-functional quality for mobile phones the problem under shortage. This requires the national provisions in the three packs are modifying the process of phone to attach to be clearly defined.

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VC environment created in the symbian build EXE project questions

Q: 1. I VC are generated under the APP file, then there is no way to generate EXE do? If you can not be generated directly in the VC in that there is any other way?

A: 1. What kind of object files generated with the use of the IDE has nothing to do, just depends on the type of project, that is. Mmp file specified TARTGETTYPE.
Build what you SDK installation directory "Examplesbasicshelloworld" sample application to understand.

Q: 2. My program uses other people to provide the DLL and LIB, then install the machine in real time, these two files should be copying it which directory it? There are those with the SYS file with the DLL into another where? How to make a package put them in the specified directory then? There on the header files that should be placed in epoc / include under it?

A:. If you are doing Symbian Application:

During development:

xxxx.h into "epoc32include" subdirectory of this reference in a program when:
# Include

Into the application when its src subdirectory referenced in a program that:
# Include "xxxx.h"

Simulation Used to. Lib file and. Dll files should be placed in "epoc32releasewinsudeb"

Real machine used. Lib file and. Dll files should be placed in "epoc32releasearmiurel", or
"Epoc32releasethumburel" and so on.

In the packaged release:
Should be used only real machine. Dll files package, target directory is "systemlibs"

Q: 3. I get these DLL and LIB, they also come with a number of SIS files, would these SIS file useful? Is not the reason it can not. There are these DLL and LIB are available to UIQ, then the S60 can use it? I understand that, UIQ and S60 of the difference is only in the interface area, then the DLL and LIB to the interface, not involved in the handling of that can be used under S60. I understand it right?

A: Download a tool unmakesis.exe, unlock the SIS file and see if there are any, before we can infer what they are used. UIQ and S60 on the theory, you're right, but depends on DLL to do is not so common, and try to know.

Q: You said that only a real machine on the real machine should be used. Dll file pack, I can not understand why not include LIB it? Press WINDOW programming experience, these two documents should be two styles is.

A: LIB is a static link, use, real machine running only the dynamic link library.

Q: The package program with tools SDK corresponding Sisar tool, but I tested this tool, we only can specify the procedures for SIS file, I did not see how to add a DLL or LIB, does not know how to specify these files are installed to which location, you can not give me some guidance in this regard, where Xianxie before.

A: Not used. I always write. Pkg file, command-line tool makesis package. SDK to help in a reference to. Pkg file formats and tools for use makesis detailed description.

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Qualcomm CEO: WiMax 3G will compete in the face of setbacks

November 10, according to foreign reports, Qualcomm Chief Executive Paul - Jacob (Paul Jacobs), said alternative wireless Internet access technology WiMax in 3G will encounter difficulties in the face of competition.

Jacobs criticized the current version of WiMax technology and services to the poor quality of the connection. He pointed out that South Korean version of WiMax technology WiBro is a commercial failure.

Jacob pointed out, AT & T and other companies use WCDMA 3G technology to provide faster Internet connection.

Qualcomm president Steve - Altman (Steve Altman), said between Qualcomm and Nokia's patent lack of progress in the negotiations. The two companies are still studying the terms of technology cross-license license. Nokia asked for more favorable terms. Altman, said the two companies have many legal conflicts.

Qualcomm Chief Financial Officer Bill - Kettle (Bill Keitel), said he expects Qualcomm in 2008, the average gross profit margin will reach 69%. Keitel said that high earnings through the last few years the results have exceeded expectations. Qualcomm made this time is expected to make financial analysts disappointed. Keitel said the lower forecast was mainly due to disputes between Nokia result in the loss of licensing revenue from Nokia.

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Who won the dream of the vast cultural Kai

While in March 2003 appraisal of Chinese audio-visual associations ranked first, but most people probably still will not remember in what Kay is a culture of the company, but the name "Infernal Affairs", "Zhou Yu's Train," " Kangxi Dynasty "," Swordsman "," Big Family "a series of names, people will not feel strange, and their planning, production and distribution are precisely the Kai Cultural Development Co., Ltd.. In people's appreciation of these fine audio and video products, they will not know that Kay and cultural development in the company, had occurred in the kind of story, it certainly would not know, if not the story of the events, which reach large Everyone in the hands of the channels would never have been smooth.

Large price
Kai culture in the audiovisual industry in China in recent years, the company emerged in a dark horse, it is a planning, production, production, distribution and sales of large-scale audio-visual cultural enterprises. In recent years, the Kay major cultural cities in the country with branches or offices, this established culture of bigger and stronger in the Kai, the group of large-scale development. As with CCTV, the Hong Kong TVBI, Hong Kong China Star Group for cooperation, the company's leadership vision to the development strategy extends to the wider film industry and international markets. After a Crosswise union, has taken the lead in the Kai cultural limitations of audio-visual company, to film and television production companies a new business as the content, ready to join finance the film, the shooting, has also developed a detailed work of artists signed artists Programme to further improve the company's construction of a production, production, planning, copyright trade, publishing, film and television star performing a comprehensive culture of the company culture has taken shape in the Kai.

In this case, the culture of the company's audio and video products Kay quest for precision, gradually, a large children Kai and cultural strategy in mind, general manager Guo Yuezhou formed, which is to increase investment to meet the majority of fine audio and video customer needs, thereby enhancing the market position of Kai culture. However faint, Guo Yuezhou felt a glimmer of uneasiness. He understands the anxiety caused by increased sales volume from the channel pressure. Strategy for foreign Guoyue Zhou understand the premise is certainly a large increase of input, and the corresponding need to channel sales operations more smoothly, the profits are invested back.

In layman's view, the issue of audiovisual products is a family on low technology, and even many people in the industry think so, but the real people who tasted the taste of them but will not think so. To do a good job as sales, must be the market share in the work and sales work together. This data can be found through the sale of any subject across the country better off, what area the problem like any subject, etc., then these data to guide the production of audiovisual materials and topics. In this way, do this work, we need to use some data mining techniques.

In fact, the business manager of the difficulties faced by far more than these products in the Kai culture through the Xinhua Bookstore, audio supermarkets, video sites, the four individual business sales network extends to consumption, and the face of these channels should be treated separately. Xinhua Bookstore, good reputation, but because it is state-owned units, so you have to coax; individual channels of high efficiency, but the back section must be close watch, I am afraid there is no national sales manager to several millions of goods, paragraph after the first delivery channel and to the individual peace of mind. The family on easy to say, but not years of effort down the salesperson really can not cope. The reason is that the relationship between service quality to maintain a great relationship with, the relationship no matter how good, or because a child can not goods or money to do so confused. Domestic distribution sector circulated a story: a well-known publishing the shipment sent to the shop in Nanchang, the other always said I have not received that money to pay nothing. It is very difficult for publishers salesman, in order to solve this problem, he personally went to Nanchang. Fortunately, there is a very responsible Nanchang store the storekeeper, which can even ten years ago received the wrong goods also remember every detail. In a corner of the warehouse, in the most responsible storekeeper with the help of publishers clerk finally found that of the other party that made the wrong goods. Although the goods have been scrapped, salesman or pleased with admiration not because of the heap of scrap scrap selling point when the goods can also save some money lost, but because the business can continue to go on.

Recalled that period of past events, Guo Yuezhou feeling a lot. Kai culture because at that time in the business has covered the whole country, not even in Tibet in direct business, but also through the culture of the Chengdu branch Kay purchase. The management of these channels, together with the financial, but also with the computer more than 20 units, but also a stand-alone with the management software. This means that when an error occurs, the accounts clerk from the list of a few feet higher to find the relevant data. Guo Yuezhou computer knowledge is not rich, then he may not have thought of what information technology is a concept in his mind only one idea - to solve immediate problems in sales.

Give me a reason to learn
Although the idea of Guo Yuezhou some simple but very useful, he chose the principles of the system, how easy how to, how how to get the best service. Such as the recent business process has made some adjustments, the corresponding report to be changed, the business manager without major changes need to be able to report changes to a good system. The original stand-alone software, data analysis functions can not be achieved, and now they want to analyze Guoyue Zhou asking for what data, the system must be able to analyze them. These requirements look easy, but it is not easy to implement. And Guo Yuezhou there was an intention to own: to find local companies for their own on the system, such problems easier to get fast service. Sum up these problems, making the two from afar but ultimately losing, better known companies.

After several months of investigation, Kay midday sun culture used to prepare a local software company in Guangzhou, the Neusoft gold abacus into the cultural perspective in Kai, after several presentations, Internet-based payment calculations set of business management information an attractive solution for the project leader Kai culture. Also, because gold abacus 28 branches across the country, the Guangzhou branch of service with rich experience, Neusoft gold abacus finally won the big one.

For system requirements, in Kay's leadership was a consensus culture: Audiovisual unpredictable market conditions, new songs, drama after another, the product update cycle is extremely short, rapid and sensitive ability to capture fleeting opportunities, the key is for information timely and accurate analysis of the master. With the rapid development of Kai culture, information between departments is not fully shared, a large number of financial, business information and data can not be provided to the leadership of the company within a short time, making the company when making business decisions without timely and relevant information support. Information to strengthen the financial, business management system, financial and operational management to achieve business integration for management decision-making to provide accurate and timely information of all kinds, this is the key to cultural development Kai. At the same time, the system should be powerful and good scalability.

To this end, Neusoft Golden Abacus also out the prescription information: System based on Internet, set of financial, business in one, making the whole enterprise management process more clearly, the data can be fully shared, and can be dynamic, timely and reflect the financial, operational status, intelligent control and leadership to support budget management decisions.

Taking into account the actual conditions in the Kai culture, Neusoft Golden Abacus staff recommended the implementation of the four-step implementation process:
First of all, system training, including basic computer training and software applications training. "Zoke Culture Development Co., Ltd. Information System" users should be involved in multi-level, but also in the application of differences. Therefore, the solid training can help users familiar with and understand the software design ideas, methods of operation, also allows users to work according to their specific practical problems, and use software to solve these problems, do apply their knowledge.

Secondly, according to the specific circumstances in Kai culture, design management objectives, establish application model and the formation of networks, writing software. Network is the basis of information management industry, is the operation of a software system. If the network than a human's body, then the application software is the body in the mind and soul. No network in this body, application software will be "wits." For the larger culture in Kai application system implementation, required under the specific culture in the Qing Kuang Kai, design management objectives, establish application model and the formation of the network.

Third, debugging software systems, parallel access to the computer and by hand. Central Gold Abacus Kai culture and Neusoft to jointly complete the system installation and commissioning, Neusoft Golden Abacus company staff will implement special arrangements were targeted for home counseling, support at the beginning of data input and the corresponding business data entry work; and at any time anywhere counseling; timely feedback the user needs information.

Typically, the training should make application by master gold abacus software installation techniques. Therefore, the installation does not require special guidance. System testing is mainly related to industry norms and standards of coding, including the format and content of the debugging, so that units have been the implementation of uniform standards, operating in a unified application model.

Finally, the acceptance and enter normal operation. When working in parallel after the fourth stage of the implementation stage of acceptance. This stage of the main drafting inspection reports, inspection results in parallel to assess performance of the system and so on.

The beginning through the user input data and their business took place three months the amount of data, with manual or existing data can be compared proofreading, Neusoft gold abacus company specialized implementation services personnel assigned to operate.

Neusoft drafted by the Golden Abacus company inspection reports, from the Zoke Culture Development Co., Ltd. Person in charge review; by the Zoke Culture Development Co., Ltd. Project Leader Organization expert group for acceptance, and ultimately determine the acceptance report.

Throughout the process, the workload of the largest is the second stage, encounter the greatest resistance is the first and third phases. Of all personnel, since it has implemented the computerization of financial reasons, the financial staff is the best information based on a group of people, and business manager of information based on the relative is the worst of people, and they are the largest group of workload people. As the workload pressure, the beginning of training, the business manager, just some criticisms to the parallel phase of the computer and by hand, business managers doubled the workload of a full, began to show their anger out. In this regard, Guoyue Zhou did not blame them, he knows these are temporary.

Although the business manager of the grievances have not been the understanding Guoyue Zhou resolve, but one thing has started the process of making information transfer. Neusoft gold abacus highly developed systems ease of use, business manager is required for the control of several menus, such as the difficulty and play the game the operation for some business managers are also acceptable, so they began to try to analyze data . Kai cultural practice in the reward system for the project team, more revenue and more money, but revenue is ultimately reflected through the business. Business manager found through systematic analysis, they can analyze what species within the same region, the best selling, you can analyze the same species of different sales throughout the country, whereby they can estimate the sales of other business managers, this is They set goals for their sales in the region to provide a reference. Business managers increase their sales, complaints have gone slowly. Soon, the business manager, also found that the error rate has dropped.

At this time, people noticed a change: Guo Yuezhou too much in front of a computer. In accordance with the system design requirements, Guo Yuezhou maximum authority within the system, whereby he could draw some comprehensive data for decision making. The Guoyue Zhou found that the more varieties previously, the corresponding sales of manpower and material inputs on even greater, but the upward trend has now been eased, he finally fulfilled his dream large.

Dream System
According to Kay's business scope and application of cultural objects, mainly for its gold abacus provides solutions in three areas: financial systems, business systems and decision support system. Foreign branch of order data directly, and business department, financial department, purchasing department plans to connect.

Thus, in the financial, Kay Despite the rapid development of national culture as audio-visual company, the monthly data volumes are large, but the Kai Cultural Caiwuzhongxin in a timely, efficient accessible for, for the company to better grasp the market dynamic played a good guide. In addition, the use of three-dimensional method of management accounting, so that the culture in the daily processing Kai to achieve real-time warning, at any time to master the use of various costs, and ensuring the culture Kai rational distribution and use of funds.

In business, with fast data collection, corporate headquarters around the branch can purchase, sale, inventory control overall situation. Through sales analysis, can be easily and quickly get around the sales. In addition, you can enhance inventory control. System based on a different level of customer trust, set up for each unit of "credit", when the unit's accounts receivable than the credit limit, the system will prompt police to remind the business manager, sales can not occur with business, otherwise, it is possible bad debts.

Financial systems and business management system seamlessly, to ensure that the financial information system, logistics, information and other information timely and smooth flow and delivery within the company, and can process these information in a variety of analytical processing, decision-making for the enterprise decision making to provide reliable information.

With the financial and management information Kai culture system for successful implementation, so that the culture of business processes Kai clearer, more optimized and strengthened internal management and control, enhancing the overall management culture in the Kai and efficiency, and promoted Kai cultural groups in the development of strategies to bring the culture of recent years, Kay has been maintained in the audiovisual industry, high-speed growth.

1. Financial applications

Through the financial revenue and expenditure plan, control, accounting, analysis and assessment, to achieve a division of Corporation Finance and the transfer and sharing of data online, at the same time fully safeguard the security of data, for the company to provide an effective top management decision support.
As the rapid development of the national audio-visual company with a large amount of data per month, through the use of gold abacus software, so in a timely manner Kai culture, quick access to various data, for the company to better serve a good grasp of market dynamics The guide is also greatly enhanced the culture of the financial sector in the Kai efficiency.

Budget management functions, implemented Zoke Culture Development Co., Ltd. from the subjects, departments, projects and other aspects of the three-dimensional collaborative accounting management, real-time processing in the daily early-warning, at any time to master the use of a variety of charges, on all branches, The purpose of monitoring costs, to budget decision-making purposes, to advance plans, things in control, after the analysis of organic combination, to protect the cultural Kay rational distribution and use of funds.

2. Business applications

Rapid collection of data. Gold abacus can be timed by remote data transmission system dynamic data automatically uploaded to Zoke Culture Development Co., Ltd. Headquarters, branch offices can purchase parts, sales, inventory has overall control, according to a large number of detailed data to develop a consistent current market conditions sales strategy, customer management strategy.

Sales of accurate and fast. Golden Abacus query system through to the Kai culture to the company quick and easy access to parts of the sale of the related strategies to adapt to market changes, access to the necessary conditions. In the "cross-selling customers in the region table", in Kai Area can also search for a different number of customers, sales performance and sales of the film area ratio of the country's total sales, from the major direction of the Group's overall sales to grasp , the sales plan for the development of the next step to provide a favorable support.

Enhance inventory control. Golden Abacus of enterprise management software inventory report - "Working Capital stock merchandise table," "Best Forecasting inventory table", etc., for the enterprise provides the basis to develop inventory standards; and software, "the largest inventory "," minimum inventory "control, but also to follow the standards of protection.

Reduce the risk of capital. How to reduce the risk of bad debts into the accounts receivable, in addition to other remedies, the gold abacus business management software, credit management units, between verification management, accounts receivable aging report analysis capabilities played a defense The role of suffering in the first place. Zoke Culture Development Co., Ltd. based on a different level of customer trust, set up for each unit of "credit", when the unit's accounts receivable than the credit limit, the system will alarm in time to remind managers.

3. Enterprise management

Financial systems and business management system to achieve a seamless connection to ensure the financial information system, logistics, information and other information timely and smooth transfer within the company, and can process these information in a variety of analytical processing, decision-making for the company to provide reliable The decision making information.
Optimized Zoke Culture Development Co., Ltd. mechanism to increase the overall efficiency of enterprises, improve the company's information processing capacity, enhanced branch headquarters to coordinate operation with the capacity of the country local distributors to strengthen the business management;閫氳繃杩滅▼鏁版嵁浼犺緭鍙婃椂鑾峰緱鍚勭鏁版嵁锛岀壒鍒槸閿?敭鏁版嵁锛屼负鎬婚儴鍒跺畾鍚勭閿?敭鏀跨瓥鎻愪緵浜嗚瀹炵殑渚濇嵁锛岀湡姝h捣鍒颁簡杩愮甯峰箘銆佸喅鑳滃崈閲岀殑鍏徃绠$悊鐩殑銆?br />
聽聽聽 涓嚡鏂囧寲搴旂敤閲戠畻鐩樼郴缁熶竴骞村鏃堕棿浠ユ潵锛屽凡鍦ㄥ叏鍥芥墍鏈夊垎鏀満鏋勬惌寤虹粺涓?殑绠$悊骞冲彴锛屽疄鐜拌闆嗗洟鍏徃渚涖?浜с?閿??浜恒?璐?鐗╃殑鍏ㄩ潰闆嗕腑鍙婃椂鐨勭鐞嗭紝浣跨墿娴併?璧勯噾娴併?淇℃伅娴佸緱鍒扮粺涓?紝澶уぇ鎻愰珮浼佷笟鐨勫伐浣滄晥鐜囷紝骞朵负浼佷笟绠$悊灞傜殑鍐崇瓥鍒嗘瀽鍙婃椂鎻愪緵渚濇嵁锛屼负浼佷笟楂橀?銆佹寔缁ǔ瀹氬彂灞曟彁渚涗簡淇濊瘉銆?br />
聽聽聽 瀵圭墿娴佷紒涓氭潵璇达紝鐢变簬閿?敭琛屼负蹇呴』浼撮殢鐫?敹娆俱?甯傚満鍒嗘瀽銆佸簱瀛樼瓑娲诲姩锛屽洜姝ゆ妸涓氬姟銆佽储鍔″拰绠$悊鍐崇瓥涓?綋鍖栨槸涓?闈炲父濂界殑瑙e喅鍔炴硶銆傝储鍔°?涓氬姟銆佺鐞嗗喅绛栦骇鐢熺殑鏁版嵁浼氫簰鎯犱簰鍒╋紝涓嶄粎浜庢湰鑱屽伐浣滄湁鐩婏紝鍚屾椂涔熶細鎺ㄥ姩鍏朵粬宸ヤ綔鐨勮繘灞曘?涓嚡鏂囧寲姝f槸鍑潃杩欑涓夊悎涓?殑淇℃伅绯荤粺锛屾彁楂樹簡鑷繁鐨勭珵浜夊姏锛岀洰鍓嶆鍦ㄥ己鍔涙墦閫犲浗鍐呴煶鍍忎骇涓氱殑榫欏ご鍦颁綅銆?br />


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